The 5 big NO NOs when applying for work experience


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Dear sir/madam… you don’t know who you are addressing it to?

… then find out. Work experience letters are so impersonal when you don’t know the name, let alone the sex of the person that will be reading it. Sometimes it will state on their website, or on the advertisement for work experience who to address it too, so make sure you read it properly. If not, FIND OUT who to address your cover letter to. It takes less than five minutes to call up and ask who deals with work experience, and if they haven’t made this clear, then they will be impressed.

A vague description of the publication (I like celebrities, beauty and fashion)

Anyone knows that in a cover letter, you have to show why you love the magazine/website/newspaper. Why does it suit you, why should you be working there, and how much do you know about…

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