Blog a thing, he said.

But I don’t believe (hah, like believing in the tagliatelle monster or a superior being, or love) in giving away my words for free, she thought.

Sometimes you will have to write or do something you love for free, and do something not of your interest to pay the bills, he said.

But I’ve never had that problem, she thought. And a little voice in her head piped up: maybe it’s because you’re interested in dull things like economics, finance, sustainability, and IT, you not-so-secret Ayn Rand(y) follower, you. Shut UP, she thought.

As future journalists, you have to get your interests out there and gain visibility by commenting on Facebook, or Twitter on news items that interest you, or build a LinkedIn profile so employers can see whether you fit them just by Googling you.

Ew, she thought. Yet she religiously (the only thing she does religiously, hah) updates her Elance and LinkedIn profiles.

Yet she’s here. Again. After a hiatus of three years, where college papers were posted up in their entirety. Now she still refuses to dispense with precious (oh my precioussssss) thoughts so freely, justifying it with: if FT, NYT, New Yorker and SCMP can do it, why can’t I?

But the little voice has pushed her to go back to publishing her university work again.

So she wipes the slate clean of her immature-yet-ahead-of-her-years thoughts and essays of an unemployed 20 year old.

Then she fills the same old blog with her Masters work and essays, her 23-year-old self blossoming with pride over somewhat hard-earned marks for more progressive thoughts by a once-employed, now freelancer-cum-student-again.

And she justifies it again by noting that she’s already paid for the tuition fees, and rather than let it languish in some uni archive or succumb to the ravenous wee little fangs of silverfish some day, she’ll post her work up now.

Because she’s proud of them now, just as she was of her Advanced Diploma work then.

And because she can’t earn anything from these written works, making them free for all seems a-okay to her.

—-I’m not giving my thoughts away for free. At least not my journalistic thoughts. And I love Medium so much that I should publish my work there. But I don’t know how *official-sounding* Stephanie Augustin’s words here are going to be, so WordPress it is.—-


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